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GlobalSign Review

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GlobalSign offers an affordable option for anyone wishing to protect their website or websites, with unlimited sub-domain protection, a variety of free SSL tools and universal device support.

We were particularly pleased to see a range of free SSL tools, which include features to help with CSR (Certificate Signing Request) generation, SSL installation and management. As well as these tools, you can find resources which include webinar sessions to help bring you up to standard. White papers, data sheets, e-books, case studies and how-to videos are also available, which could come in really handy if you don’t want to have to chat to a member of the support team. If you are in need of personal assistance, however, you can contact the team using a live chat feature on the website, which is very handy when you’re in a tight spot.

Global Sign allows you to secure a single domain, unlimited sub-domains, internal servers or multiple server names. You can easily compare its certificates, which provide star ratings for your Certificate Trust Level. Clickable secure site seals are also available and you can verify your domain name, organization name and address. Underwritten warranties are also available for up to $1.5 million.

Package prices are transparent on GlobalSign.com and you can easily discover which options are most affordable and necessary for you. If needed, you can request support to find out which service might be most appropriate for your needs. The vast majority of features function through the cloud, meaning your systems won’t be slowed or compromised with downloads. 

Whilst Global Sign does a good job in most respects, it doesn’t quite offer the range of services or depth of scanning and analysis which we’ve come to expect from the top end website security services. They could also provide more detail regarding their encryption levels and explain how their services might benefit online vendors in particular. Prices are affordable, but not quite reaching the “great value” marks of the industry leaders because the services seem a little thinned out in comparison.

If you’re looking for website protection for single or multiple sites, with unlimited sub domains, you might want to consider GlobalSign. Their few free tools are also worth checking out, particularly if you’re interested in attending their webinar sessions. They’re not yet hitting the high notes in website protection which you can find elsewhere in our top 10 list, but they are an affordable, easy use option for covering the basics.

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