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Trustwave offers a wide variety of website security services. From disk encryption to green address bars, code analysis to system checks, they have you covered. What’s more, the site has plenty of information telling you exactly what each service includes, which features it comes with, and how they might benefit you. Their packages can be tailored based on the industry you work within, or they can be specific to your website, providing your users and staff with the assurance that their data is secure.

The service works through three key areas: threat management, vulnerability management and compliance management. These combine to produce a network of protection services which should cover your website and data from every angle. Let’s explore what each of those three management concerns deals with.

Threat management helps you to fight cybercrimes, such as criminals hacking into your data. They use a holistic system which combines threat intelligence with detection, protection and mitigation. Essentially, this means that they keep up to date information on potential threats, seeking them out, protecting you against them and then mitigating any which break through. The protection is real-time, so you’re always secure, rather than receiving irregular updates and scans.

Trustwave’s vulnerability management is primarily a scanning system which tests applications, databases and networks for potential chinks in their armor. This allows you to put the defenses up in the right places, helping to protect customers’ personal data, financial information, data assets and intellectual properties. This is all provided through the cloud, so your systems won’t be slowed down with constant updates.

The final key area of focus, compliance management, makes sure you’re up to date and on the right side of the law. This helps you to monitor and protect personal data and protect from data losses. In addition, this means that your visitors are aware that their information is safe, granting them reassurance and potentially increasing your traffic (and sales). PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance comes as part of this, meaning that you can make safe transactions online, securing your customers’ financial details against theft whilst they use your website.

Each of these three key protection services has myriad options and features to choose from, with additional services where needed. We were particularly impressed by the amount of information on Trustwave.com, which allows you to fully understand the benefits of each feature before you decide to invest. 

As well as general information on its features, there’s a lot of information provided in the site’s library. Here, you can find white papers, articles, blog posts, webinars and more, each of which is designed with users in mind. If you need to geek up on internet security, this is a great resource.

Prices are a bit scattered around the site, so working out exactly how much the services will cost you is a bit difficult at times. We recommend contacting the customer services team to discuss your needs and the potential cost to your website. Their professional team can be contacted via email, live chat, on-site messages, Facebook and more, so you’re never short of options when you’re in need.

Overall, we were very impressed by the range and quality of services on offer from Trustwave. If you’re in need of protecting important information, securing your site, or anything in between, we recommend checking out Trustwave and signing up for a free trial to begin with.

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