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With a team of over 150 professionals and almost 20 years of experience in the industry, TRUSTe's seal is a recognized symbol of online security. TRUSTe offers a range of business products, resources and tools to help keep your website safe and compliant with regulations. If you are transferring European citizens' data to the US then you may benefit from TRUSTe's expertise to ensure that you compy with strict EU privacy laws.

Privacy platforms and tools allow you to assess dangers, manage cookie consent forms, monitor your website’s activity, control ads, resolve disputes and more. Meanwhile, general resources such as ROI calculators and a free app are generous offerings for businesses and clients to try out.

You can work closely with a professional team of experts to make sure that your site is as secure as can be. Consultations can go ahead online using webinar technology, and you can also check a backlog of broadcasts to catch up on the most important online security topics.

The team can help you out by assessing your security priorities, providing a report of potential weaknesses and areas for development. In addition, you can perform a privacy risk assessment to find the chinks in your armor. If you aren’t sure what things need to be secured or how to do it, these services may be extremely useful.

The TRUSTe website offers a variety of additional free features for businesses and customers alike. We were glad to see that the site provides white papers and templates for helping you ensure that everything on your site is above board. Videos are also available, as well as blog posts and other resources. We recommend checking some of this out if you’re not sure whether to opt for TRUSTe.com’s services.

Assessment and certification options are also available if you wish to demonstrate that your site is trustworthy. In particular, TRUSTe.com seems to have an EU data and privacy focus, which could be especially handy if you wish to move data through Europe, or between Europe and the USA.

In October 2015, the European Court of Justice ruled that the “Safe Harbor Agreement” (which had been in place since 2000 and permitted the transfer of EU citizens' data to the US) was no longer valid. This was in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations.

In May 2016, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) stated that "Privacy Shield", the new agreement intended to replace "Safe Harbor", was, "not robust enough to withstand future legal scrutiny before the Court". (EDPS Press Release). As a result, until a suitably robust version of Privacy Shield is agreed upon, companies who transfer European citizens' data to the USA, "can no longer rely on self-certification and must seek to strike 'model contract clauses' in each case." (The Guardian).

This is not an idle threat by European institutions. In June 2016, The Hamburg Data Commissioner fined Adobe, Pepsi subsidiary Punicam, and Unilever, as they: "had not established allowed alternative methods even six months after the cessation of the Safe Harbour Agreement. The data transfer of these companies to the USA was thus without any legal basis and unlawful.". (Press release by Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information).

If you think that these global data privacy issues may apply to your website, TRUSTe could provide you with an invaluable service. Their extensive knowledge of the current legal frameworks in various regions could help you ensure that you comply with strict EU privacy laws and avoid such fines. We were certainly reassured by the fact that, unlike some of its peers, TRUSTe was quick to update its website content in relation to the new legal frameworks that need to be in place after the demise of the Safe Harbour Agreement.

TRUSTe.com isn’t the simplest website to understand. A lot of information is provided and, unless you understand the lingo, you may be a bit dazzled. Therefore, we recommend taking advantage of their expert team to find out how they can help you. This may involve some website assessment and a consultation about your specific needs, so be prepared to invest some time.

Prices depend on your particular needs, so you’ll need to make an inquiry for a quote. Customer feedback suggests that this isn’t a particularly cheap option, so it’s worth bearing this in mind if you’re on a strict budget. That said, the site’s success stories are a testament to the level of service they offer so choosing TRUSTe may well be a very wise investment in the long term.

Aside from online support and protection, TRUSTe also arrange conferences, awards schemes and more for anyone who is interested in developing their online security solutions. There is a focus on North America and the EU, making TRUSTe an excellent choice if those two regions are particularly important to you.

Everything considered, TRUSTe certainly seems to offer its clients a solid service with a wide range of tools and options. There are also some really useful free resources available, but we did find it hard to pin down exactly what was involved with each option, and their prices eluded us. If you want to improve your online security and also ensure compliance with regional regulations, particularly in relation to data transfers between the EU and USA, we recommend getting in touch with TRUSTe to discuss your options. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, TRUSTe can guide you through a sea of complex legal frameworks.

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