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Thawte.com offers a wide range of SSL certificates, with discounts for volume purchases. They offer free unlimited licensing with each SSL certificates purchased, with a free 21 day trial to get you started. A variety of guides, white papers, articles and more are also available if you’d like to find out more about the specifics of their products and services.

We were impressed by the variety of certificates available from thawte. The fact that you can purchase the exact protection you need, and use it across multiple sites, makes it all the more attractive. As well as SSL certificates, code signing is also available to help protect your website and to keep it running smoothly. Combined, these services protect your site from hackers and other potentially dangerous attacks (such as malware), as well as making sure your site is fully operational.

You can manage multiple certificates across your organization, irrelevant of size. This is achieved through useful management tools, and you can also request assistance from the support team. Most changes take just a few minutes, making this a user-friendly system.

Since the site offers a variety of SSL certificates, you can compare and contrast them easily through Thwate.com. Comparison tables clearly show what you do and do not get with each certificate, and you can explore plenty of articles and advice columns to find out which offers might best suit your needs and budget.

Prices are fair and competitive, particularly if you wish to use your certificates across various systems and domains. The free trial is a great way to get to grips with things before you decide to make a purchase. As with other Symantec services, they offer great customer support if you need it.

The site’s resources are worth checking out, as there’s plenty to read and explore here. Whether you want to know how SSL works, which options are best for small businesses, how to secure servers, or wish to find examples and case studies, they have a lot covered online, so spend some time checking out your options.

Code signing options help to make sure your code stays uncorrupted, and thawte offer Microsoft Authenticode (multi-purpose), Sun Java, Adobe Air, Mac and Microsoft Office VB, so it has most bases covered. 1 year code signing options start from around $300, with discounts for purchasing multi-year packages.

In terms of costs, SSL certificates start from around $150 per year, with subsequent discount if you purchase multiple certificates over longer periods of time. As mentioned, this will be particularly useful if you have multiple domains as you get free unlimited licensing on all SSL purchases.

A potential drawback to Thawte.com is that you may end up spending more on the individual packages if you need quite a few of them. It may be wiser to consider an all-inclusive package which covers all bases. However, if you know what you’re looking to protect, and what you need in order to provide that protection (or are willing to read up on it all) then we feel that Thawte.com is definitely worth considering. It is a flexible service with plenty of useful information, plus a free trial which is hard to resist.

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