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VeriSign Review

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VeriSign is a long-running (over 18 years at the time of this review) organization which offers website protection through a variety of domain services and security services. It also provides plenty of useful information for its users, including data on threat increases and other relevant news.

VeriSign.com attempts to offer security, stability and resilience to internet infrastructures, including websites for global enterprises. It sees the big picture, then, and deals with a lot of high profile companies. In fact, they protect well over 133 million domains, which is pretty substantial. That number alone seems to suggest that they offer a quality service, but it’s aided by the fact that they’ve won recognition for their customer service from the TSIA. As such, if you feel that you may need a lot of support managing and monitoring your website, VeriSign could be your answer.

Prices vary depending on your needs, and the site offers no indication as to how much each service might set you back. We make some assumption that prices are reasonable, given how many other users it already caters for.

This website places quite a lot of emphasis on its Korean markets, providing a number of tools and services with Korea in mind. If this is an area you’re looking to venture into, VeriSign has quite a lot of information available, and specialists on hand if you have questions. In addition to Korea, the website offers information for a range of countries worldwide, including Brazil, France, India, Germany, Vietnam and the UK.

A range of additional resources, aside from the protection services, are also available. For example, you can read up on the latest cyber news on the site’s news section, read its general tips or check out a free e-book which provides information on cyber security for the financial sector.

As with other websites of this nature, VeriSign.com provides a number of key tools for protecting your website and ensuring your visitors’ personal information is protected. There are services for domain names, building your online presence, innovating your site and more. They provide cloud-based monitoring to keep things running smoothly, plus regular security checks which will keep your systems secure 24 hours a day. You can also manage DNS and traffic, all of which is expandable as your company and website grow.

VeriSign have managed to maintain 100% operational stability and accuracy during their extensive history, which is no small feat. This makes them a reliable option. However, when it comes to offering seals for vendors, they offer very little information on how they can help to offer customers a sense of security. As such, if you’re a vendor it may be worth contacting their customer services team to find out exactly what you’re getting and how much it might cost. 

VeriSign’s services feel better suited to larger organizations, rather than smaller vendors operating on a basic site. However, we think that smaller businesses shouldn't rule them out, as they’re clearly trusted by many websites from around the globe. To find out more, we suggest you contact VeriSign's outstanding customer support team!

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