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Instant SSL by Comodo Review

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Instant SSL by Comodo provides some very competitively priced SSL packages. You can choose from a range of options, from instant SSL protection to code signing, email and identity services. There are enterprise options and regular PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance scans which are designed for e-merchants to make secure transactions.

InstantSSL.com’s SSL certificates come in all shapes and sizes for different budgets and needs. They offer a free certificate, or around 10 additional paid options, including an instant SSL, UC certificates, Comodo Multi-domain options, EV certificates, Wildcards and more. These paid options begin from around $63 per year, with the top end choices coming in at around $809 for a year. Compared to a number of competitors, Comodo offers great value for money.

If you need to find out what each of these different SSL certificates includes, the site provides plenty of information to read. This helps you to make an informed decision, but if you’re still undecided then you can talk to a member of their sales team using the site’s live chat feature.

Whilst SSL certificates provide your site with security (through encrypted communication tools), Code Signing Certificates allows web developers to add layers of protection against hackers who might wish to corrupt your coding. Again, the website provides plenty of information on what the code signing certificates do, how they do it, and what the potential benefits might be.

Personal authentication certificates and free secure email certificates are available to help add security to emails and documents when you communicate with colleagues and customers. Meanwhile, free vulnerability scans and website monitoring are available, with more in depth and regular options up for grabs at a very reasonable cost.

Protection from website hackers is provided through HackerGuardian PCI scans, which are, yet again, very fairly priced. A real positive of InstantSSL.com is that you can pick and choose which services suit your needs, leaving behind the services which you don’t really need. This could save a lot of money in the long run.

What really impressed us about the Comodo SSL website is just how much information they provide. If you are a layman who wishes to learn about SSL services and other website protection systems, this is a great place to visit to read up on your options. 

If you don’t know whether you’re PCI compliant then Instant SSL offers a free self assessment questionnaire. The report can then be used to better identify your potential vulnerabilities and to seek a package which will help you seal those cracks in your defenses.

InstantSSL by Comodo feels a bit like a sweet shop for online security. They have an impressive range of personalized options which can cater for small e-commerce merchants or larger organizations which deal with personal data. What’s more, their prices are considerably lower than a number of other sites which offer similar services. Whether or not you choose to use their services (a number of which are free), we recommend checking this site out to read up on the ins and outs of website and online data protection. 

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