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Symantec Website Security Review

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Symantec offers professional system security for your online business. They provide a choice of certificates which can be used across multiple domains, helping to secure your data, keep your sites running smoothly, and to help achieve greater customer satisfaction.

There are two key packages to choose from with Symantec.com: Secure Site SSL Certificates, or the Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates. Each comes with DSA and RSA algorithm support, with the Pro package also including Norton Secured Seal, a $1.75 million warranty and daily vulnerability scanning.

The benefit of these services is that they help to regularly monitor your websites’ security. Not only does this prevent data from being stolen by hackers, and weed out potential online threats such as malware, but it also means that your customers and site visitors can rest at ease, understanding that their data is secure. This is particularly important if you handle sensitive information or financial data.

You can protect multiple subdomains with just one certificate, adding value for money from the Symantec services. That said, you will probably pay more for the Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates than you might pay for similar services elsewhere. Although it costs a bit more, however, it’s important to consider the extras you receive with this high end package.

Secure Site Pro comes with several forms of algorithm support for improved security: RSA (invented by Rivest, Shamir and Adelman in 1977, it operates on the basis of a public and private key), DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm, proposed in 1991, it allows for the creation and verification of digital signature and has been endorsed by US federal agencies), and ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography which was introduced in 2005 and provides high level security despite shorter key lengths, making it ideal for mobile and tablet devices). Additionally, you gain access to Norton Secured Seal, adding further blockades against potential threats. 

Each package includes substantial warranty cover against costs incurred through data leaks or site issues. It’s important to read the small print on this if you’re not sure what is covered, or you can contact a support team member for assistance. 

The support team is made up of specialists, which is reassuring to know if you’re ever in a bind and need accurate information and help. You can make an inquiry at any time, and there’s also information online which can be of use. White papers are also available, including a beginner’s guide to SSL Certificates and an ECC certificates performance analysis, should you be interested.

Trust marks show that your site is Norton Secured, powered by Symantec. This is a recognized symbol of protection excellence which many site visitors will recall. This has the added benefit of creating a sense of security for visitors, encouraging them to make purchases, knowing their data is secure whilst using your website.

A range of management tools are made available to subscribers, helping you to organize, find and install your certificates easily. This puts a little more control in your hands, so it’s great if you know what you’re doing. If not, we recommend doing a little reading up, or asking the support staff for help, so you know exactly what you’re changing if you decide to adjust any certificates for your sites.

Symantec.com is a professional outfit with excellent all-hours support and nearly 100% end-user compatibility, meaning its security features will work on virtually any system. Its regular critical vulnerability scans also mean that you can make sure your sites are protected on a day-by-day basis, rather than relying on weekly, monthly or even quarterly checks. Whilst you might pay more for this, if you’re serious about protecting your websites then we recommend considering Symantec.

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