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SiteLock offers its users an impressive range of features to protect their website, data and clientele. From trust seals to reputation management, vulnerability scans to firewalls, DDoS protection to website acceleration, there’s plenty to explore and take advantage of.

This site offers four key packages: SecureStarter, SecureSpeed, SecureSite and SecureVIP. Each comes with a basic set of features, with additional options for more expensive packages. For example, the SecureStarter include a malware-free trust seal and SECURE trust seal. However, the other packages also include a 1 click installation SiteLock trust seal for ease of application.

In addition to seals, you can take advantage of a range of comprehensive multi-level vulnerability scans, which include regular malware scans. All of the options include network scans, website application scans, SQL injection scans and cross-site scripting, with a TrueCode Static Application Security Testing option as an add on. 

Stopping threats to your site is also important to SiteLock.com, so they offer web application firewalls and network protection options. You might be somewhat concerned that all of this protection would slow your system, but SiteLock offers unlimited bandwidth with a lot of compression options and more to assist in speeding things up. 

If you happen to be an online vendor, you can check out the service’s PCI compliance section, which provides a wide range of options for making sure your customers’ data is kept secure, and therefore their trust in your site is improved. 

Prices vary depending on your particular needs, and a lot of the features described are add-ons, so you may discover that the base price doesn’t quite do everything you’re looking for. It is therefore important to discuss your requirements with a member of the Site Lock team so they can advise on what you might need and how much it might cost. 

We were pleased to find that this site offers live chat support, so you can get instant support when you need it most. You can also call or send a message to the team and get help, or check out the various sources of information online. What’s more, their customer services team is on call 24 hours a day, so you’ll always get support if you need it. A video introduction on the site’s homepage is provided to offer an overview of how their services can benefit you.

SiteLock also offer an advanced CDN (Content Delivery Network) to fast-track page rendering and reduce latency. By using a network of strategically located data centers all around the globe, your website content can be served up more quickly to visitors near those data centers. According to SiteLock, using their CDN means that your sites will load 50% faster and use 40-70% less bandwidth, on average.

SiteLock pride themselves on their 360 website security technology, which protects by combining internal and external security. Daily scans, automated threat removal, firewalls and a CDN (Content Delivery Network) add up to provide plenty of protection whilst not compromising on speed and usability.

This service protects more than 8 million websites, which isn’t half bad (although it’s not quite as impressive as some other website security sites). They manage to provide customized security depending on your industry, site, location and other requirements, so you shouldn’t find yourself paying for unnecessary services, or find that you’re attacked from online threats which they hadn’t anticipated.

We feel that SiteLock.com offers a comprehensive protection service for a wide range of websites. They tailor their features to suit what you need, meaning that they should have everything covered. 

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