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Trust Guard is considered one of the most trusted providers of website security seals and associated online security services. They solve three of their users’ top concerns: building trust with business users; securing websites and improving sales; and protecting visitors’ personal data. Therefore, if your website deals with customers on a regular basis and you would like to make sure all of your data is protected from hackers, Trust-Guard.com should be seriously considered.

We’ve all seen the horror stories on the news: another business has gone under or lost huge sums of money due to hacking. What’s more, when security is breached, customers feel less secure and future sales inevitably drop. Whether it’s a website being shut down or important data going missing, website security is now of utmost importance to any serious company or institution.

You might be thinking, “But my business is only small, why would this matter to me? Nobody would bother hacking my site.” Whilst this might hold some truth, it’s also worth asking yourself whether it’s worth the risk, particularly when you consider the fact that using Trust Guard increases sales by 15% on average. Simply having the TrustGuard seal on your sales page encourages customers to trust in your security and make more purchases.

Price-wise, Trust Guard is very affordable for businesses of all sizes. The cheapest packages offer quarterly scans which will reveal any potential weaknesses in your defenses. However, you can increase the number of scans to suit your budget and needs, with packages offering daily scans and an unlimited number of requested scans. They search through more than 75,000 security weaknesses and loopholes to help protect your website, data and visitors, so you’re in safe hands.

The service protects your website with a variety of techniques. Initially, they perform scans on your site to detect malware or other dangers. If detected, these dangers will then be tackled by a skilled technician. From there, sophisticated technology keeps scanning your site whilst keeping your website running smoothly. These scans run to PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standards and include certification. For the more expensive packages, you can also take advantage of an SAQ wizard to help you monitor your site’s security history.

  In fact, they’re so sure your sales will improve that they’ll give you double the cost of their services if this doesn’t happen.  

Let’s look at the three key security services in more detail, starting with building trust with shoppers. As we’ve mentioned, Trust Guard states that their seal and service will improve customers’ trust in the security of your site. The seal lets visitors know that your website has been properly checked and verified for security leaks by a leading international body in online security. This can be invaluable because it means prospective customers are more likely to make online purchases using your site, and are more likely to return. 

Secondly, your website is made more secure. More than 80% of websites fail Trust-Guard.com’s security checks on an initial scan, showing that most website owners don’t fully understand the level of protection required to prevent hackers. They test for more than 75,000 vulnerabilities, and they keep everything up to date day by day so you can be assured that you are protected.

Privacy protection is the third major concern for most websites, particularly when dealing with visitors’ personal, private data. In particular, if you are selling goods and taking bank details, you’ll need to reassure users that their details are secure. 

The site provides a few additional features which help you to better understand the advantages of protecting your website. For example, you can try out the ROI (Return On Investment) calculator. This provides you with some idea of how your profits might improve with the Trust Guard seal in place, based on your current and potential future sales. For many users, this means that the cost of the service is covered by increased sales, and you may even make more profit overall. In fact, they’re so sure your sales will improve that they’ll give you double the cost of their services if this doesn’t happen. That's a pretty good guarantee!

If you ever need support, there’s a live chat option to get instant help. Alternatively, you can check the site’s online information, call the customer services department, drop them an email or even drop in to the offices (if you happen to live in Utah). The site itself is professional and well-constructed to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision as to which services you require, and how often you would like scans to be performed.

With a simple, reliable service which can improve sales, Trust Guard seems something of a no-brainer. What’s more, we were impressed by their customer service and the variety of scan options available. Whether you’re a large multi-million dollar company, or you just run a small website and want to protect your data, we recommend checking out Trust-Guard.com, as it should offer an excellent return on your investment.

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