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VeraSafe offers simple services and support for helping to protect your website and business. You can choose from three key packages, each one offering a varied number of protection services and customer support. 

The cheapest package available is the Website Security Seal. This allows you to perform daily security scans which include blacklist monitoring. You can also scan for malware and other potential threats to your systems, and it works with apps and websites. In addition, you can add a security seal to your website to show that it is protected.

The Website Trust Seals provide a simple verification process to make sure your business is protected. You can then add a seal to your website to reassure your visitors that it’s safe to use, which is especially useful if you are an online vendor, because VeraSafe offers a 100% guarantee that your sales will be boosted. In addition, you can quickly access your seals and adjust them to suit your audience.

The most expensive package available provides more expert support than its cheaper counterparts. You can work securely with private information, making sure that your actions are in compliance with current privacy law. This also comes with a privacy expert, whom you can consult on a range of issues should you need to. A Privacy Verified trust seal is provided to show that you’ve taken privacy seriously.

Aside from these three package options, you can also chat to staff using an on-site messenger. The website goes into some detail regarding the services it offers and the processes you will go through to secure your website and data. There is also a blog, should you wish to catch up on the latest website security posts. 

There are several trust seals to choose from, and you can adjust the color, sizes and styles to suit your brand. Your verification pages can also be customized to reflect your company’s character and you will receive an automatic refund if VeraSafe.com cannot verify you. This all sounds pretty reassuring, particularly when you combine it with the 100% guarantee that your sales will increase.

All taken into account, VeraSafe seems a good option for a range of websites, particularly if you are an online vendor. However, it is more expensive than similar services, and doesn’t have nearly the same number of features or degree of support which we’d expect for this amount of money. Still, that’s not to say it’s a bad option, but you can find cheaper options elsewhere. See our top ranking sites for some popular alternatives in this sector.

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